Franck Bohbot Tells Stories Of The New Orleans Night Scenes

All images by Franck Bohbot. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

While many photographers choose to shoot beautiful images bathed in an abundance of light in the day or chasing the golden hour, Franck Bohbot chooses to be different in his latest photography project titled “Inside the Night”, as he explores and shoots the night life of New Orleans.

Franck Bohbot emphasizes the difference of life and people during night time, hence he takes the role of a keen observer of the real and unposed scenes inside bars, restaurants, and clubs in New Orleans. Being the photographer, he is the witness of what happens in those places and he has stories to tell in each image captured. Franck uses a Leica and a 28mm lens and he shoots everything in available light. 

The biggest challenge when shooting images as an observer is to create enough drama in the photograph instead of having a plain, random shot that is easily reproduced by anyone. Franck Bohbot succeeds in presenting a unique series of photographs with an injected sense of curiosity, like a stranger passing by a location and peeking in to look at the most interesting part of the scene.

His photographs capture just that exact moment when the people and their environment come together perfectly in harmony, yet they are being themselves without the interference of the photographer’s presence. The colorful neon and florescent lights with plenty of space for dark shadows work effectively in wide angle composition, leaving plenty of room for the viewers to explore. Yet in these frames, Franck includes human subjects with character, such as a bar singer singing her soul out or a lonely lady dressed for a date sitting by the bar.

You may find out more about Franck Bohbot and his photography at his website here.