Editor’s Letter: Concert Photography Month

A recent statistic said that getting that one fantastic image at a concert or music festival is worth more to a fan than their train ticket home. Insane, huh? What’s not insane though is that people are constantly captivated by concert photography. It means a lot to them and somehow or another, it’s impossible to not get a photo that makes you feel like the action isn’t happening right in front of you. Is concert photography profitable? Not really. But there are legions of photographers that do it for the fun and the thrill to be able to get into a concert for free even if it means revoking the rights to their own photos.

Speaking of which, this month we dedicate an entire article to that. What’s more, we’ve talked to a few industry professionals who have been in the game for a while and can help you to have a better time in the pit.

Plus, we’ve got our usual run down of Instagram photographers you’re going to want to follow in addition to a few more fun yet evocative pieces that we’re really proud of. La Noir Image continues to evolve with its design too, so expect certain pieces to look more magazine like while others will work better in the blog format. If you’re on a tablet or phone, none of this will matter–as our mobile interface is designed to make things as simple as possible.

As a result of all the effort that we put into these pieces, we’re also publishing a few less times this month. But what we’re publishing we’re ensuring is incredibly high quality and everything is also a longer feature of some sort. I’m still sticking to the philosophy that I want to continue to inspire photographers everywhere; and that when you’re finished reading each article, I want you to be energized to pick up your camera, go out there, and shoot.

If I’m not doing that, then I’m failing as an EIC and a Publisher.

That brings me to the last bit: La Noir Image is an advertisement free website, we try to do what we can, but we’re also running very low on funds. We encourage you to tell all your friends about us and to find a way to convince them to purchase a subscription. Or, if you can afford to throw us some more money, we’d greatly appreciate that.

One more thing: To gain a bigger crowd, we’re going to making all specific artist interviews and features free for everyone to look at. The more premium type of articles will be tutorial, feature, and essay based.

Please enjoy this month’s content. We worked incredibly hard on it and believe it to be fruitful for every one of our subscribers.


Chris Gampat

Publisher/Editor in Chief

PS: If you haven’t downloaded them yet, please remember that all subscribers to La Noir Image receive a complementary custom-made black and white Light preset bundle. You can download it here.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.