ModelBs Hopes to Bring Models and Photographers Together, Tinder Style

Actor and now social media app developer, Troy Akin, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest project, ModelBs. The app is designed to connect models and photographers in a safe and efficient manner. Similar to the popular dating app, Tinder, users will swipe right on models/photographers they wish to work with and if they match, they move on to the next step in setting up a photo shoot. The project is currently seeking to raise $50,000 in start-up funding with an estimated launch of March 2017.

Beyond the swiping feature, the app will also allow users to upload photos, their resume, location of desired work, and other tidbits of information to flesh out their profile. According to Akin, the goal is to create a safe, work first environment. Akin plans to generate revenue for the app by utilizing a monthly subscription to access all features of the app. He’s also considering the option of allowing bookings directly through the app, with ModelBs receiving a 10% fee for acting as the middle man. Lastly, users will also be able to rate each other using a simple 5-star rating system to encourage professionalism.

Akin does foresee risks with the app, mainly getting the word out about it. He hopes to spend the money raised through Kickstarter on the app’s development as well as marketing to get the word out. The Kickstarter runs until January 12 and backers can receive perks for their support. Perks include free t-shirts, a photoshoot, and more.

While I see the potential in Akin’s idea, I do wonder how will it differentiate itself amongst the many other social networks out there. I question if someone is already on Instagram or ModelMayhem, why wouldn’t they just use that? Both are free (ModelMayhem also has a premium option) and have pre-established ecosystems with tons of users. There are countless online guides and forums to help learn to use each effectively and the communities are very active. However, I do like the swift, easy-to-use nature of Tinder and if Akin can somehow leverage that and make finding models/photographers to shoot with easy and efficient, he could potentially have a winner. I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

To find out more about ModelBs and perhaps pledge your support, check out Troy Akin’s Kickstarter campaign here.