Konost Digital Rangefinder Project Will Be Updated By Year End

Back in early 2015, we covered a promising start up project called Konost that aimed to create a full frame digital rangefinder. Konost has been silent with their development status ever since, with intermittent social media postings. Recently they posted an update on their official website stating they will revamp their website and have news on their current project status by the end of this year.

Based on the original project descriptions, the promised Konost digital rangefinder camera shall have a full frame sized image sensor directly compatibility with Leica M-mount lenses, high resolution electronic viewfinder, full manual control similar to the rangefinder shooting experience, and a body made of aluminum construction.

In a nutshell, Konost wanted to make a Leica-esque camera that is fully digital and, of course, at an affordable price point.

If Konost comes to fruition, it will be a breath of fresh air having a fully manual operated camera in classic, true rangefinder style, in contrast with most modern camera options delivering fully automated and computerized controls that take out the fun of the traditional shooting process using the camera.

There have been speculations on involvement of Leica in the development of Konost camera considering that Leica M lenses should be able to mount directly onto the Konost cameras.  There have been no news explaining the delay of development for the past nearly two years which was worrisome for the project backers. Surely everyone is hopeful that the recent breaking of silence from Konost would bring some good news. Perhaps, ready working prototypes for testing with actual sample photographs taken with them will be a great tease to whet the accumulating appetite over almost two years in waiting!