Inception: Mind-blowing Geometrical Manipulation Of Reality

All images by Mr Unknown. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

When it comes to conceptual or abstract photography that usually involves heavy photo manipulation, interesting and surreal results can be achieved with unrestricted imaginations breaking logic and reality. We found this mind-blowing set of images titled “Inception” in the Behance gallery by Mr Unknown that strangely blended impossible geometrical forms into real world scenes.

Aptly titled as “Inception”, perhaps inspired by 2010 Christopher Nolan’s movie with the same name, the images have dream-like quality to them. The overall scenes were snippets of real world elements with life-like visuals and textures such as water and cloud, but playfully manipulated in shapes to form geometrically impossible pictures. There’s an ocean of water that formed a gigantic circular wall or hills that are square in shape may look out of place, but in the frame a small figure of a person, or a flock of birds were purposefully inserted to add some grounding to reality.

This sense of realism was further emphasized with beautiful shades of monochromatic color tones and clever addition of film-like grain, showing contrast to the intended yet somewhat bizarre nature of the images. While the images generally do not make any sense, it is the fantasy-like quality in the world that the images invoked which look so compelling and contemplative. These are fine-art quality piece of work worthy of large prints that surely will invite attention and appreciation. After all, there is no limit to what imagination can create.

More of similar work can be found in Mr Unknown’s Behance Gallery here.