This Retro Video Game Inspired Video Explains How a Digital Camera Works For Dummies

Screenshot taken from video. 

Have you ever had a friend who was new to photography and asked you basic questions about how a camera works? Have you wished that there was a simple dumbed-down, easy to digest explanation video to answer those questions? In the latest “How It Works?” series on The Telegraph’s site, they published a short minimalist animation video on the science behind how a digital camera works.

The video is short but concise in explaining all the crucial components and functions of a digital camera. The video opens with the mention of light and how the camera works in similar functions with our eyes to record the visible spectrum of light. The light is then shown in a simple animation entering the lens and subsequently hitting the image sensor. The sensor being made up of millions of “sensels” (or more popularly known as microlenses), each collecting color information of either red, green or blue data. This data is then stored as digital strings (image files) which can then be interpreted by an external computer to form an image in a monitor.

Of course, the full process of digital photography is a lot more sophisticated than that, typical topics involving shooting RAW vs JPEG compressed images, white balance settings, metering, ISO sensitivity, focusing and flash TTL, this simplistic video is more than sufficient to introduce basic camera functions to a total newbie. Besides, seeing a fun animation is a lot easier to digest than reading a 3000 words introduction article to basic camera functions on a how-to-photography guide website.