The Best MOO Business Cards for Photographers

Around the photo industry photographers and creatives have often turned to MOO for their business cards. It started years ago when some photographers got those little miniature half-sized cards, then the square cards, then a whole variety of them. Often, they’re a point of conversation amongst photographers, creatives, and anyone that you give your card out to for the reasons that you’re not giving them just any business card but typically one that you’ve thought about and carefully designed yourself.

We checked out some of their wares and found some of the best business cards specifically for photographers. Of course, there is always that NFC device card. But here are some of the better more traditional paper cards.


Before we go on, know that no, this isn’t a sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are clearly and visibly labeled up front unlike what a few other more indie photo publications do. Instead, I asked Moo about some of their best cards specifically designed for photographers. I’ve been using them for years, and during my usage, I’ve looked through many of their options, but always stuck with a token favorite of mine.

Polaroid Cards


MOO’s Polaroid cards have honestly been my favorite for years. I use two of their leather cases (pictured top left) and load them up with my business cards when I’m in networking mode. As I collect cards, they move towards the back of the deck.

I typically ask for five variations on the Polaroid cards that appeal to different reasons. Some were shot with a Sony camera, some with Olympus, some with Canon. Sometimes the shark appeals more to someone vs the sword swallower, sometimes you want the Super Mario cosplay, etc. It works. It’s nice, and the fact that I have five sometimes lets me say something like “Pick one!” These cards are a thicker stock and glossy.

My business cards tend to reflect a bit more personality, and it fosters conversations which makes people remember me a bit more than normal when they’re unloading their pockets at the end of the day. So by far, the Polaroid cards are some of my favorites.



Lots of photographers tend to use the Aperture cards. It immediately tells someone that you’re a photographer and is a thicker type of card stock with a matte finish. They feel nice, and lots of photographers tend to use them. The trick here though is picking an image that works well with the Aperture symbol on it.

They have rounded edges too, which sometimes makes holding them a bit nicer.

Snap Happy Landscape


You know those half sized cards that everyone loves? The Snap Happy Landscape cards are some of those. The back of the card takes cameras and pieces them together from three pieces and the other side has all your info neatly put out there.

These aren’t as popular as some of the others that I’ve seen, but they surely do let people know that you’re a photographer.

Camera, Positiv


On one side of the Camera, Positiv cards is a mockup design of cameras. On the other side is your information. They work out well, feel very nice in the hand, and come in the most beautiful, well designed case that I’ve ever seen. Of any of the business cards that I’ve seen and held, these by far feel the nicest texture wise. Some folks really care about that. In fact, it’s very common in Japanese culture to feel the card carefully.

Far to Go 1


Another one of the really cool business cards out there are the Far to Go 1 style of cards. By the looks and feel of them, I honestly feel that they’re best for street photographers out there. The classic but simple black and white look is highly appealing to most photographers and people.

In Focus


Perhaps the one card type that really caught my eye as of recent is the In Focus cards. Their unique square look is disruptive for sure, and it almost reminds you of the older style of Instagram photos and Square format 120 film photos. The cards are beautiful and will surely stand out from all the rest. My only complaint: they’re a bit too big for most card cases, and I’d actually love a slightly smaller size.

Caught on Film


Lastly, what makes the Caught on Film cards so unique are the fact that they look like they’re being seen through a camera viewfinder of some sort. These also feel really nice in the hand and can be great for the adventure photographer or a portrait photographer. They’re very subtly brilliant.

Editor’s Corrections from Moo:

  • Aperture cards were ordered in our Super Business Cards which have a soft finish. We also selected the rounded corner option
  • The cards can be ordered in a variety of sizes, shapes and stocks
  • Snap Happy also comes in portrait and is available on larger cards too. For this, we chose MiniCards with a matte finish
  • Camera: positiv were printed on our Luxe Business Cards with the raven blue seam
  • Far to Go 1 were printed on our MiniCards, and we chose a gloss finish 
  • In Focus were ordered on our Super Business Cards, but this time in square 
  • Finally, Caught on Film were ordered on our matte laminate finish