Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Launches New 50mm f0.95 Nocturnus II for Sony E Mount

Meyer-Optik Gorlitz has announced the upcoming release of its all-new Nocturnus II 50mm f0.95 Lens for full frame Sony E-Mount. With scheduled shipping for January 2017, the lens is currently available for pre-order at camera stores worldwide. Made in Germany, Meyer Gorlitz lenses are made with high quality components and fine-tuned by undergoing a rigorous test procedure with tight tolerances. The 50mm f/0.95 Nocturnus II will follow in this manufacturing tradition and is a lens Meyer Gorlitz hopes will appeal to photographers looking for a low-light capable lens that delivers the image quality they expect.

One of the key features of the lens is its fast f0.95 aperture. Designed with low-light conditions and available-light photography in mind, the Nocturnus II should be able to allow shooting in some of the most demanding low-light situations. The optics have been designed for high sharpness in the focus area when the aperture is open, which also helps reduce chromatic aberration. Manual focus only, the lens features a 9-bladed aperture, has been optimized for Sony’s fullframe E-mount cameras, and according to Meyer Gorlitz, has nearly silent aperture and manual focusing adjustment (ideal for video applications). Like all Meyer Gorlitz lenses, it includes a 5-Year manufacturer warranty.

The Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 50mm f/0.95 Nocturnus II for Sony will retail for $2,999. Additional specifications for this lens are sparse at the moment and we will be keeping you updated as details are released.

In my opinion, this could be just the lens photographers are looking for when shooting in dimly lit conditions or just want to get creative with out of focus areas in their portraits. I could also see event photographers taking a liking to it, especially concert photographers who don’t mind manually focusing.