Anze Osterman Documents A Man’s Home And Life In The Arctic

All images by Anze Osterman. Used under Creative Common’s License. 

Have you ever wondered what life is like living in the middle of nowhere, in the cold, polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth? Anze Osterman explores just that in his photo series “North to Nowhere”, capturing how an Englishman made the Arctic his home.

The photo series followed the life of Robin, an Englishman originally raised living in Africa, whom eventually found a home in one of the most unlikely places of the world in the Arctic. Robin has always been drawn to breathtaking scenery and lost himself in the beauty of nature when he rowed from Shetland to Nordkapp in an open 18 foot rowboat, alone, for 12 weeks on the open sea. He started a life and owned a dog sledging company in Svalbard, which was also where he met his wife and eventually started a family and home he desired in the Arctic. Anze Osterman spent some time living with Robin in his cottage, and followed him in his daily activities in the surrounding places. 

Anze Osterman documented Robin’s life in a classic photo-journalistic style, incorporating environmental portraits showing Robin in his most natural, unposed state, going about his daily chores and activities. Anze carefully played the role of observer with great curiosity, as he shot the almost dream-like scenes of Robin having a hot cup of beverage while looking outside his window, and him taking a nap in the living room with a mini library of books in the backdrop.

Wide angle landscapes of the house in its breathtaking environment were shot to effectively establish the sense of location, weather, and atmosphere. Anze did an amazing job capturing vibrant and lively images despite the often gloomy skies. On the other hand, Anze also went close up to the minute details of unique items and surroundings to tell more stories. Anze successfully illustrated the reasons why Robin has decided to make the Arctic his home: the peace, serenity, and sense of being one and belonging with nature.

To find out more about Anze Osterman’s photography work you may visit his website here.