Chase Jarvis on Getting Work with No Experience

Check out this informative video from photographer Chase Jarvis giving advice on how to get work with no experience. Jarvis opens by suggesting being around the kind of work you want do. For example, assisting on photo shoots, sweeping floors, going to meet ups, or whatever you have to do in order to be around the community that creates the type of work you want to pursue. Additionally he stresses how important investing your own time and money into your work is in order to create “proof points” (evidence and examples that support a claim you make about your product and/or service).

According to Jarvis, an example of a proof point would be a self-funded portfolio of fashion photography. However, he recommends if the idea you want to do is out of your budget and doesn’t allow you create a proof point then don’t do that idea. A common pitfall he also highlights is artists often expecting clients will automatically see their greatness before they’ve done anything to actually prove it, i.e., work reflecting the standards and expectations of the client. Being able to show proofpoints will help sell your expertise and level of skill to potential clients. Clients need to feel assured that you’ll be able to produce the work they need, as their jobs are also on the line in case you don’t deliver. Lastly, he points out artists making the mistake of doing nothing and expecting their dreams will magically happen. As a result he stresses two major components of succeeding: being present, and doing the work.

It’s a very insightful video for those looking to get started. Check out the full video below.

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