The f/D Book Of Pinhole Shows Inspiring Pinhole Images Collected Worldwide

Screenshot taken from video. 

In the world of rampant pixel-peepers and gear measurebators, f/D aims to strip right to the basics by drawing inspiration from pinhole photography. f/D has just launched their Kickstarter campaign to produce f/D Book of Pinhole, showcasing the work of 99 photographers from all around the world.

Pinhole photography is a breath of fresh air that anyone can practice and enjoy with a little patience, adding a creative spin in photography. Furthermore, pinhole cameras does not require use of a lens and instead light is focused through a tiny hole (hence the term pinhole) typically with exposure times ranging from seconds to minutes. Consequently, the image results are often soft with blurred motion that may appear surreal and abstract.

Caballo by Paco Casado Cepas

Earlier in July and August 2016, f/D ran a call for entry asking photographers to submit their best pinhole photographs, and 99 images were selected based on their asthetic quality, uniqueness of execution, appropriate
use of pinhole and, in some cases, demonstration of persevering through the challenges of pinhole. According t0 f/D, the photographs in the book will demonstrate the “pinhole look” with unique ways in which pinhole works with motion and time, bent film planes, infrared, and other techniques and formats.

Based on the product specifications on the Kickstarter page, the f/D Book of Pinhole will be produced in a photobook format sized at 8 inches by 8 inches with soft cover, containing 60 black and white and 39 color photos offset printed on 100# paper. Accompanying the pinhole photographs are introductory text and descriptions of the techniques used to produce the photographs as well as a directory of the photographers so you can find out more about their work.

f/D claims that their book is targeted toward the uninitiated photographers who are new and curious to try out pinhole photography, the experienced pinhole photographers who are looking for inspiration and great examples of their pinhole craft, the ordinary photographers who wanted to try something different, as well as collectors who appreciate high quality photography art.

To find out more about the f/D Book of Pinhole, you may visit their official Kickstarter Campaign page here.

Beach Tractor By Nigel Breadman


Chehalis by Todd Schlemmer


Gare Du Luxembourg by Chris Reuland


What Should by Daniel Rock