Check Out This Natural Light and Posing for Boudoir Tutorial with Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler

In collaboration with Rogue Photographic Design, fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, has released a  short and sweet tutorial on Lighting and Posing for Boudoir. Adler instructs viewers on working with a simple window light setup that produces soft and flattering light often desired in a boudoir session. She also breaks down posing as well as why she likes certain poses versus others. Additionally she instructs viewers on using the proper camera settings for getting the most from the light while capturing accurate exposures.

Since a simple setup is her goal, Adler’s modifiers are kept to a minimum with her only working with the window light, curtains and a standard silver circular reflector for fill. For posing she discusses positions that will highlight the models natural lines and curves which will also benefit from her light setup. She also has a bit of silly fun with the model all in an effort to make her feel comfortable and excited about the session.

Check out the full tutorial video below:

You can see the tutorial and read Adler’s write up of her process by visiting Rogue Photographic Design’s website here.