Voltaic Systems Introduces New Solar Backpacks for DSLRs And Laptops

Voltaic, creators of the original solar backpack, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for their all-new Array and Offgrid Solar Backpacks. Each unit includes a high performance solar panel along with battery pack to store power until required. Users can recharge the the included battery from either solar power or a wall outlet with included charging cables. 


The Array Solar Backpack features 10 watts of solar power and is capable of powering laptops, DSLRs, and even drones. The included battery pack is rated at 19,800mAh. The Offgrid Solar Backpack is Voltaics’ more streamlined version, providing power for smartphones, tablet, or a DSLR camera. Its solar panel is 6 watts and the included battery is rated at 4,000mAh.

Both bags offer optional padded inserts for cameras and include smart pockets for charging within the bag along with a separate quick-access sleeve for your laptop or tablet. Color options for both bags include Charcoal or Silver. Check out the feature sheet below for a detailed breakdown of each bag’s offerings.


The Array and OffGrid are currently available exclusively via Kickstarter through December 5th. Voltaic is hoping to raise $24,000 in order to ramp of production of the units and is offering special pricing for its Kickstarter backers.

Find out more about Voltaic’s new offerings by visiting their Kickstarter page here.