SNAPSNAP: Camera Strap That Counterbalances Camera Weight With Your Backpack

There has been a recent trend of camera straps that attach to a backpack–and that’s the bandwagon that SNAPSNAP is jumping on. The company describes their product as a functional strap designed to work with a backpack to counterbalance the weight of your camera. They claim that it greatly improves the camera handling experience while providing comfort and placing your camera within easy reach for quick shooting response.

According to their press release, SNAPSNAP is a unique camera strap solution created with backpack-carrying photographers in mind, especially those who enjoy travelling, hiking or just wandering around with their camera. Using magnetic clips that easily attach to most backpack shoulder straps, the SNAPSNAP strap counterbalances the camera with the backpack, relieving the neck of strain and evenly distributing the extra weight. The camera is then kept within reach and quickly detaches when needed.

SNAPSNAP has also won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Design Concept. SNAPSNAP will commence their Kickstarter Campaign soon in this Autumn. To find out more, go to their product site here.