Moment Superfish Lens Captures Widest Possible Photos With Your Smartphone

There are plenty of options when it comes to third party lens modifiers for smartphones, one particularly popular modifier is a wide angle adapter. The Moment Superfish is an ambitious fisheye attachment lens that captures the widest possible scene imaginable on a mobile phone, all while maintaining a high quality image output.

The Moment Superfish provides a progressive rectilinear fisheye profile with coverage field of view of roughly equivalent to 15mm in 35mm format. Designed to be sharp from edge to edge, this lens attachment is suitable for shooting in tight spaces or making sweeping ultra-wide landscape images. The lens is made from premium cinema grade glass, including use of an aspherical element to improve optical quality. It is also easy to attach the Moment Superfish to the phone with or without a case, using a low-profile mounting plate.

Image By e21

Image By e21 via Moment Product Page

Moment also has a special promotion running right now where you can save up to $60 off your Superfish lens, not a bad deal at all considering the lens is usually $99 by itself – meaning after the promotion your Superfish is just $40.

For more information you may visit the official product website here.