LEICA Unveils the SOFORT Instant Camera

Leica proudly announced today, the newest member of its family, the Leica SOFORT instant camera. The SOFORT boasts a unique Leica design with special features, offering quick and easy access to photography that will have users seeing and sharing real photographs within seconds. With the SOFORT, Leica brings its photographic expertise, commitment to creativity, and ease of use to the world of Instax instant photography.

In automatic mode, the SOFORT utilizes available light as much as possible before triggering the flash, creating pictures with a more authentic, natural look that are one-of-a-kind. In addition there are preset modes including Automatic, Party & People, Sports & Action, Macro and even multiple exposure and time exposure modes.


The camera also offers manual control overrides, allowing users to change the focus distance, turn off flash entirely, and adjust image brightness. For self-portrait lovers, there is a rectangular mirror on the front for easier framing. The SOFORT works with both color and black-and-white film and film packs will be available in packs of 10 exposures. There will also be a comprehensive range of accessories for both the camera and its unique pictures.

Here’s a detailed look at the camera’s specs:

Technical features Leica SOFORT
Aperture / Focal length: 60mm f/12.7 (34mm in 35mm equiv.)
Focusing Area: Standard: 0.6m – 3m

3 Focus Steps: 0.3-0.6m (Macro) / 0.6 m – 3m (Standard) / 3m – infinity (Landscape)

Shutter Speed: 1/8 – 1/400 sec (Mechanical shutter)
Viewfinder: Optical viewfinder 0.37x with target spot and parallax compensation for macro mode
Mode Dial / Mode Button: Automatic, Self-Portrait, People & Party, Action & Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-Timer, Double Exp.
Exposure / Exposure Comp.: Automatic Shutter / -0.7 EV, 0.0 EV, +0.7 EV
Light Metering: Automatic exposure control LV 5.0 – LV 15.5 (ISO 800)
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 800 Instax film
Self-Timer: 2 sec / 10 sec
Built-in Flash: Automatic electronic flash with auto brightness adjustment.

Modes: Auto, Forced On, Forced Off, Forced On w. red-eye reduction

Power: Li-ion battery pack (3.7V, 740mAh, 2.6 Wh) (included)
Battery Life (Approx.): 100 pictures at 68°F


The Leica SOFORT will begin shipping worldwide in November. Find out more about this exciting new camera by visiting Leica’s website here.