The Pinhole Hemp Camera from Kanésis is a Cool Kickstarter Project

Kanesis, makers of natural industrial products, is today announcing the Kickstarter campaign for their Pinhole Hemp Camera. The camera is made from natural raw material, namely Hemp, and is 3D printed, ensuring great results with no environmental impact. The camera includes three focal lengths (35mm, 50mm, 85mm), captures in two aspect ratios (24×36 and 24×24), and has two pinhole sizes to help users create a variety of unique shots. The project is currently seeking backers and includes a variety of unique rewards including the camera along with 10 rolls of film that come in Hemp Canisters.

Kanesis’ goal is to provide an industrial market for farmer’s products and is committed to developing solutions for a sustainable world. The Pinhole Hemp Camera is big first step towards this goal.

Find out more about the Pinhole Hemp Camera as well as Kanésis’ projects by visiting their Kickstarter page here. Also be sure to check out their video below.