Celebrity Wedding and Portrait Photographer Mike Colón Talks About His Career

Screenshot taken from the video

AdoramaTV recently had a very insightful interview with celebrity wedding and portrait photographer, Mike Colón. Colón speaks about his career and how one of the defining moves for him early on was targeting higher-end brides. Although risky, this move not only allowed him to earn more per wedding, but allowed him to give each client more of his time while also give him more time to spend with his family.

Interestingly enough, Mike relates how raising his prices surprisingly caused him to book more weddings. It also forced him to rethink his advertising and broaden his reach since he was targeting a smaller market. Colón would advertise in large publications such as Wedding Style Magazine and estimates he spent $60,000 a year on advertising.

Mike also discusses the pressures of photographing a celebrity wedding, detailing how tiring and frantic the process can be. Despite the challenges, Colón credits celebrity weddings being very important for his business as they’re a big factor in helping him book weddings for his non-celebrity clients. It’s a short but sweet interview that has some great tips for anyone looking to redefine their wedding or portrait photography business.