The Mobile Portraiture of Shashank Shekhar

All Images By Shashank Shekhar. Used with Permission.

Hailing from New Delhi India, Shashank Shekhar‘s portrait work is inspired by the images that he sees from around the world. “[After] graduation I began to take interest in the beautiful American, Indian and European Photography that I saw in fashion and travel magazines such as Vogue, lonely Planet, National geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Femina.” he notes. Despite Shashank’s analogue beginnings, he mostly shoots with his smarthone these days.

Shekhar’s love of photography began during those critical developmental years of the mid-teens. Shekhar scrounged and saved his pocket money and eventually saved enough money to purchase a Yashica fixed focus reel camera. He would spend hours running around his home town of Ayodhya Village capturing the beauty within it, this grew his passion for photography, eventually leading him to study still photography and visual communication in Islamia. “What resonated with me the most in the experience, was how I learned to direct and communicate with my subjects.” Shekhar says of his experience in photography education.

These days Shashank Shekhar focuses his photography on the fashion, wedding, and portraiture genres with the unique twist being that he shoots on his mobile phone. “I shoot all photos through my mobile phone in natural light and edit in Snapseed and Instagram and posted on Instagram.” Shekhar says of his work. It is a brilliant reminder of the power that many of us carry around, unused, in our pockets every day as moments worth capturing come and go.

You can find a selection of Shashank Shekhar’s work below, and if you would like to see more you can check out his website, here.


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