Michele Palazzo’s Images of NYC in the Rain Evoke a Painterly Beauty

All images by Michele Palazzo. Used with permission. 

Photographer Michele Palazzo should be a very familiar one to you all. He sometimes goes by the alias Street Fauna and he’s also widely known for a specific image he shot during a blizzard here in NYC. Michele’s work has been compared to paintings, and his recent work showcasing NYC in the rain are no different. Michele prefers shooting during bad weather as he finds it more interesting. “I like extreme conditions especially in NY where they can be very extreme.” states Michele. “The rain and the water in the streets make everything shine, lot of reflections, light it’s bouncing everywhere creating amazing contrasts and plus umbrellas! I love umbrellas, like little tents where people find refuge from the elements.”


To create these images, Michele uses the Ricoh GR (which he says is always with him) and then he imports the images into Lightroom to enhance colors, contrasts, add vignetting, etc.

So how does he do it? “I never wait in a spot, what I normally do is just walking on my path with the camera on and ready to shot until I see something that catch my eye.” Michele tells the Phoblographer. “For this series I was simply walking from my work to home with an umbrella to protect the camera and me and I just shot bunch of photos because the light was just amazing with that Noir atmosphere.”











Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.