Riccardo Magherini’s Mesmerizing Street Imagery From Bangkok

All Images By Riccardo Magherini. Used with Permission.

“I do like let myself get wrapped up by places and time layers, searching among the images a face, a gesture, bring it to the surface and play with it.” Italian street photographer Riccardo Magherini tells The Phoblographer. His series, BKK, is the latest of this works that feature cities from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Florence and NYC.

Magherini has grown passionate about big cities since he first started in photography in 2011, on a trip to Tokyo Japan. His work in now represented in France, England, and the US, but his passion has always been the Asian metropolises. BKK focuses on the people of Talat Noi, a bustling neighborhood in Bangkok’s Chinatown. It’s “full of mechanical workshops, food stalls and street rusty second-­hand car engines stack. A dense neighborhood, noisy and smoky, alive. It was the right choice.” Magherini says of the location.

While he is out on the street Magherini likes to travel light, carrying just his mirrorless camera with an adapted 1970’s wide angle lens. His unique style starts with faces and stories, when one stands out to him, “I collect pictures all around that moment that talk about it. Then shots are composed and merged, ‘shaped’ to tell that story, suggesting the feeling of that moment or, in some cases, a memory of it.” Magherini explains.

Drawing his inspiration from the painter Alessandro Papetti and photographer Hiroyuki Masuyama, Riccardo Magherini’s unique take on street photography, and stands apart from the popular high contrast black and white or vivid color looks that seem to be in style right now. You can see a selection images from his BKK series below. If you would like to follow his work, you can find him over on his website.












Anthony Thurston

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