2wenty Shares Words of Insight Via Long Exposure Photography

All images by 2wenty. Used with permission.

Photographer 2wenty is a long exposure specialist. He’s the artist behind The Man Made of Light, and he likes to take time to experiment and embrace the many possibilities that long exposures allow. For example, while we’ve all seen those image memes of actual photos and a special text overlay, that’s not exactly what 2wenty has in mind when he contributes to the trend. Instead, he straight up just goes and writes the message out on the scene itself.

“Sometimes I like to use photography more as an outlet for art than to just capture the moment.” says 2wenty in an interview email with the Phoblographer. “All the words written are based off real emotions or thoughts that I have had.”


In fact, 2wenty’s work has got his gigs like the album artwork for Gareth Emery’s newest album “100 reasons to live”. This is just one of the many factors that helps to contribute to his status as a true creative photographer.

The ideas come from various places. For example “No Stress” came to 2wenty one night when driving out to the Mojave desert–which made the overall four hour trip well worth it for him. On top of that, 2wenty states that he feels a special connection to the area.

Want to try to do this type of stuff yourself? According to 2wenty, his Lightman work is more difficult. “The words are easier because I don’t have to worry about the angle to the camera so much. With the Lightman it’s hard to do the limbs sometimes because I have to do them at odd angle so they show correctly.”











Chris Gampat

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