The Winner of the R/Polaroid Instant Film Contest

Hey folks!

The mods and I of R/Polaroid have finally gotten our thoughts together and have chosen a winner for our Instant Film contest.

Check out the winner and all the runners up after the jump!

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Before I announce the winner, the mods and I want to thank you for participation. This took a while for us to judge and we invite you to keep coming to our sub-reddit.

Grand Prize Winner


The winner is u/ecoleica with this image. Please email me at and I’ll be able to coordinate your prize of two packs of black and white and two packs of color Impossible Project film getting to you.

Runners Up

Any of you interested in an interview can shoot me an email at


Image by /u/dallasdina


Image by /u/crystalizabeth


Image by /u/commyostrich


Image by /u/ffz3photography


Image by /u/longwaytogo


Image by /u/Really_Very_Rachael


Image by /u/crystalizabeth


Image by /u/amirulmajid


Image by /u/amirulmajid


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