Pei Lin Ng: Food Photography with a Beginner’s DSLR

All images by Pei Lin Ng. Used with permission.

Pei Lin Ng is a Chinese girl from Malacca City, Malaysia. At 19 years-old, she’s quite the food photographer. “I started taking photos 6 years ago, when I was 13. It’s all because my desk mate and also my best friend got a DSLR camera from her dad as her 13th birthday present.” says Pei. “She introduced Instagram to me before the time Instagram became so popular.” Surrounded by very good friends who gave her positive reinforcement, she found the motivation to always keep shooting.

Part of the reason why Pei got into food photography is because she loves baking. “My passion for baking and my love for food literally got me into food photography!” she states. Many of her images are of the yummy stuff she makes.

“To me, photography is the only way to keep the memory or to make something last long.That’s why I take photos of my food before I eat them all hahaha. I was also be inspired by some of the photographers on Instagram.”


Much of Pei’s imagery focuses on just the food. The reason: Pei likes focusing on details. She also likes making people feel like they’re right there. Indeed, perspectives are always important to photographers. “I’m thinking if I can make someone feels hungry just because he/she stares at my photos, what a big success!”

I found Pei on EyeEm, she states that she likes the platform more than Instagram. Specifically, she states, “Instagram is now more based on the likes and the popular individual among the little circus of your following and friends.” claims Pei. “EyeEm really gives a great opportunity to the photography lovers like us around the world. It makes us uncover many creative and talented photographer from all around the world.”

Using her little Canon EOS 100D, she creates beautiful images using the manual mode and natural lighting from windows. However, she says that something she needs to get even better images is a tripod.










Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.