Pro Photographer Shoots Sports Sequence With a Sony RX10 II


All images by Leo Rosas Morin. Used with permission.

When you look at a magazine cover, you don’t really expect that it was shot with a point and shoot. But Photographer Leo Rosas Morin teamed up with Red Bull and basically proved that it’s very possible. He headed out to Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl, Austria, where he met up with snowboarders Adrian Krainer, Seppl Ramsbacher and Clemens Millauer to create sequence shots. Leo used a Sony RX10 II‘s ability to shoot at 14fps and created sequence photos.


Leo tells us that this is very popular in many action sports magazines. “In general, sequences are very popular between magazines for two main reasons, not everyone is able to do a technically good composite without mistakes, not everyone has the time for it, so when you make them available, media likes them and request them for publishing.” say Leo in an email to the Phoblographer. “…my experience reinforces my opinion that nowadays technology makes affordable for most of the people to have a camera with enough quality to produce great images, which increases the [competitive nature] in the Photography field and makes you as a photographer need to push yourself even more in order to stand out of the crowd…” Pretty amazing, huh?


“Using this Sony RX10ii was a pleasant experience, it is very fast and reliable, it allowed me to shoot at 14 frames per second in Raw which allowed me to work the light and improve the final result after shooting in average weather conditions. Also for panning, the fact that I could keep looking at the subject in action through the viewfinder during the whole sequence made it practical and easy for me to work. The lens is also made out of very good quality with the Carl Zeiss stamp and the camera in general is pretty lightweight and handy.”

The final images were composed in Photoshop.



Chris Gampat

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