Bailarina y Urbe: Finding Beauty Through Contrast


All images by Saskia Font. Used with permission.

“I have this project called Bailarina y Urbe, which tries to mix the beauty and sensitivity of dance and the roughness and coldness of the city jungle.” is how photographer Saskia Font explains a bit about her work in an email to the Phoblographer. “I also try to look for emblematic spots in the city in Barcelona, because you can find beautiful architecture here.”

Saskia comes from a family of artists; and started shooting photos early on in life. It was only in her 20s that she started to take the art form more seriously.

Part of the influence behind Bailarina y Urbe is because her grandparents were dancers; and so she’s always been attracted to ballet. On top of that, she studied it in her younger years. Then, the project started in 2010, and she’s collaborated with several ballerinas who have become her muse in her project.


“I like contrast very much, so I wanted to try how it would be to take a ballerina and put her in a totally different environment.” she says about the project. “Barcelona has lots of hidden corners and its architecture mixes the very new with the old…I had plenty of inspiration there.”

Further there’s a specific reason why she chose black and white. According to Saskia, it makes the ballerina blend in.

“In the end you have a photo that is aesthetically harmonious but if you look at it with interest you realise that the elements in it are completely out of place.”













Chris Gampat

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