My Imagination’s Journey: A Playful Use of Photography


All images by Sylvain Renou. Used with permission.

Sylvain Renou is a creative person. He started out as a doctorator’s apprenticeship. Then he was an interior designer, a graphic designer, then opened up his own office. He got into photography at a young age. “For me photography has the power to open your imagination, to make you travel between your feelings and the reflexion you have on life.” he tells the Phoblographer. “From a few years I started to do more photography personally and professionally. But I’ve never been good enough to share it. My good resolution of this year is to show more of this work.”

I found Sylvian’s work on Behance, and fell in love with a series that he calls “My Imagination’s Journey.” It is a short series following a boat, a blue cloth/shirt, and a creative mind.


“I was working on a reflexion and brainstorming for a client, but I wasn’t in the mood… I needed to have movement, play with my hands… try new things… So I took a piece of wood in my office and I started to play a bit with it.” he says. “In the beginning it was just for a coffee break but when I started to build the boat I wanted to play with it like a child.”

Sylvian put it on a table, and essentially built a body of water for it.

“During this process I let my reflexion breathe and I was after this full of energy to continue my work.”






Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.