The TechArt Pro Lens Adapter Promises Autofocus for Leica M Mount Glass


TechArt is announcing today the availability of a new adapter that promises to give Leica M mount lenses autofocus when connected to a Sony EE mount camera. To do this, it’s using what it’s called z-shift technology where the Leica M bayonet is able to extend and retract. The distance between the lens and the camera sensor is hereby changed in order to autofocus. According to their press release, “The mechanism is quite similar to Contax AX system where the flange distance is changed for autofocusing.”

The system, from a demo, works very much like the way a lens bellows system works when working with medium format or large format cameras.

The adapter is said to be able to take Leica R, CY, PK, and MD with add-on adapters to utilize the autofocusing.


The TechArt Pro adapter can allow the camera to use both single and continuous autofocusing modes. Beyond autofocusing, you also get full exposure metering with the camera’s PSAM modes and can be upgraded with firmware via bluetooth. The adapter weights 133g and claims to be able to drive lenses as heavy as 700g.

You can get them at TechArt’s website for around $349. A demo video is below.

Chris Gampat

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