Sekonic Introduces Two New Light Meters

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New cameras get introduced all the time; but new light meters? The strobists that read this site as well as those who use older film cameras with no light meter built is are probably getting very excited right now. Sekonic is introducing their new variants of their L-478DR series with the L-478DR-EL Series and L-478DR-PX Series–which were developed in cooperation with Elinchrom and Phottix (hence the naming). They offer wireless triggering and power control of Elinchrom flash units and triggering of Phottix flashes and radio triggers. To differentiate them, the new meters have a special color rubber edging along with the name brand for the lights they’re controlling.

We reviewed the original L-478DR meters a while back, and for the photographers that use Elinchrom and Phottix lights these may be a nice touch to their kit. But for other photographers, they may instead want to look at the new Lumu which also does flash metering but not triggering.

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From the Press Release

The L-478DR-PX flash control screen allows selection of a single group or a combination of groups for flash brightness measurement. The F-number value for the light being measured appears in a central area on the screen as well as over respective group selection button.

The measured value for each group is maintained as a visual record of the brightness-difference of the lights in use so that lighting ratios can be easily determined. The L-478DR-PX group selection and triggering is compatible with Phottix flashes and radios that are compatible with the Phottix Strato II protocol. This includes flashes connected to the Strato and Strato II receivers and the Atlas II transceivers. Compatible Phottix flashes include the Indra360, Indra500 and Mitros+ series flashes designed for use with Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras. For more information about Phottix products, see

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