Digital Rev Parodies Shit Clients Say to Photographers

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“We don’t have the budget.” I think anyone that’s tried their hands at professional photography has heard this one. Some professionals still do!

That’s probably why Digital Rev chose to give a wink and a nod to the crazy stuff that photographers put up with and have to hear on a regular basis. Their video “Shit Clients Say to Photographers” showcases some of the crew reading off crazy things that are said to photographers during client interactions–and if you’re a wedding photographer, party photographer or concert photographer you’re probably on the list of hearing this stuff the most.

While this is all fun and good, it points to a serious problem: photographers sometimes don’t know how to price themselves but they also don’t know or understand their clientele. In fact, lots of photographers who start out have probably never even thought about it. Before you become a professional photographer, you’ll need to understand that what you’re doing is creating a business, so you’ll need to treat it as such. You’re selling a creative vision and a process; not just photos. If your clientele doesn’t understand that, you’re probably not showing it off effectively.

Digital Rev’s video is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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