The Black Moor: A Magical Place for Photography


All images by Heiko Gerlicher. Used with permission.

Heiko Gerlicher is a self taught photographer born in 1969, living in Ahorn in the District of Coburg, Upper Franconia. By profession he is a field staff for a special steel wholesale trade. But for a hobby, he shoots photos. In fact, he’s won awards for his images in 2014 and 2015.

When going through his Behance profile, you’ll be sure to find images of the Black Moor: a series he did on the Black Moor. This special place is part of a UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve; and offers absolutely stunning images to anyone who goes.

Phoblographer: Talk to us about how you got into photography.


Heiko: I got in the ‘real’ photography at 2010 when my wife gave me my first DSLR Camera, the Canon 550D, for Christmas.

From this moment on, photography became a big passion in my life. I’m living in the beautiful countryside of Upper Franconia and so I started with some landscape pictures around my hometown. In 2012 I bought the Nikon D7000 because my ambitions grew for more quality and possibilities. Since last year the Full-Frame Nikon D800E took me to the next step.

Phoblographer: What got you into photographing landscapes and forests?


Heiko: I love to be in the nature in my leisure time and discover the landscape. Especially the forests are my favorite place. Not only because I’m a big tree lover. Trees have been to fascinating me since my childhood. The forests are a place where I can find tranquility and have a rest from everyday working life. But also the woods are such a exciting place to explore. Photographing the forests is a declaration of love for me. To show the beauty, the special mood, the life and also the transience in them, is what I want and what I like. I prefer to go outside when the weather presents itself from it’s bad side. Rain and preferably fog are the best arguments for a forest walk. The light couldn’t be softer, the contrasts subtle and the atmosphere more impressive.

At such moments, I merge completely with nature, forget about time and problems seem so far away.

Phoblographer: What made you specifically want to photograph the Black Moor with this eerie fog over it?


Heiko: The Black Moor was on my photographic wish-list for a long time. It is one of the nature highlights in my surroundings. The wetland is part of the UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve.
A misty mood and maybe some colors of fall were on my mind to realize a little image series
from the moor, because these conditions can’t be more mystic and impressive to portrait such
a mysterious and fabulous place. So I waited for the perfect moment to go there.

Phoblographer: To achieve this creative vision, what did you have to do exactly? Shooting a specific time is one guess.

Heiko: It is a conglomerate of learning, practical knowledge, conditions, time, technique and of course intuition to create such visions.