EyeEm: A Photo Sharing Network Not Dominated by Selfies

EyeEm Data 2015

For a while now, I’ve always touted how much I prefer EyeEm as a photo network over Instagram. And today, more of the reasons why are coming out. The company released data today that shows that the network is significantly less about selfies, hot chicks, hot chicks taking selfies, etc than Instagram. Instead, the dominant mediums tend to be street photography, architecture and nature

So what else does the data say that’s really amazing?

  • The UK is big for street photography, and considering the work coming out of the Street Photography London community, it just makes a heck of a lot of sense.
  • The UK apparently has the most talented photographers according to the platforms algorithms. Then Germany, then the US, then Spain and South Korea.
  • Apple iPhones still remain to be the most popular camera.

When you consider the quality of work on EyeEm, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how much of a breath of fresh air it is.

More stats from the press release are below.


From 2014 to 2015
We found that in 2015, people were less into seeing themselves in photos, and more into shooting architecture and nature.
­ Selfies decreased 33%
­ Street Photography increased 10%
­ Nature increased 40%
­ Animal photography decreased 12%
­ Portraits decreased 15%
­ Food decreased 8%
­ Architecture increased 34%

Most popular topics by country

­ Brazil: love
­ China: people
­ France: black and white
­ Germany: nature
­ Indonesia: selfie
­ Italy: architecture
­ Japan: sky
­ Mexico: selfie
­ Russia: girl
­ South Africa: sunset
­ South Korea: street photography ­ Spain: street photography
­ Thailand: sunset
­ Turkey: selfie
­ UK: street photography
­ USA: nature

Where are the best photographers based?

We asked EyeEm Vision, our revolutionary image recognition technology. Using its algorithm, it assigned each country a score based on the aesthetics of their photography. (learn more about EyeEm Vision, most recently called “EyeVision”)

1. UK

2. Germany
3. USA
4. Spain
5. South Korea

The most common cameras on EyeEm in 2015

It’s no surprise that mobile photography has become our normal, over half of the EyeEm community shoots on mobile.
1. Apple (38.9%)
2. Samsung (20.8%)

3. Sony (5.6%)
4. Canon (5.3%) 5. Nikon (4.2%)
6. LG (4.1%)
7. Motorola (2.6%) 8. HTC (2.0%)
9. Huawei (1.3%) 10. Asus (0.8%) 11. Other (14.4%)

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