Peechaya Burroughs Still Life Images of Food at Play


All images by Peechaya Burroughs. Used with permission.

After finding photographer Peechaya Burroughs on Behance, it was hard not to fall in love with her whimsical and creative images. She studied Fine Arts, and after spending some time working for various advertising and graphic design agencies in Bangkok, she moved to Australia and undertook further studies for a Diploma of Website Production and Management at TAFE Sydney Institute.

She continued to work as a graphic designer; and perhaps that’s partially the root of how she get her ideas for her images. Peechaya says that she gets ideas from her children, and after talking to her about her work, we see how that totally makes sense.

Phoblographer: How did you get into photography?

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Peechaya: I’ve always been a bit of visual person. When I had my family I started taking photos of my children. It then became something I enjoy doing. From that point onward, I have developed my own personal preferences of subjects and styles in photography.

Phoblographer: How do you feel that photography helps to creatively express yourself?


Peechaya: I use photography as a mean to display what I see or create. It gives me that ability to visually turn my interpretation of things into something that I can share.

Phoblographer: Where do you typically get your inspiration from?

Peechaya: I get a lot of inspiration from my children. I love how kids are imaginative and yet able to see things in a very simple and optimistic way.


Phoblographer: What do you feel is the most random photo that you’ve taken and why do you feel so?

Peechaya: Most of my photographs are actually quite random. I like to put things from various sources together and link them in some way and that has become my habit. Sometimes I plan ahead about what I want to communicate but often ideas come randomly from what I happen to see or think about. I then like to experiment with what I have pictured.


One example of my most random photo ideas would be the picture of an orange balloon with white paper behind. I use lots of balloon in my photographs and I have them stocked up in various colors. I looked at the orange ones and when I pictured them inflated they just happened to remind me of an egg yolk. So I thought I’d try turning this into some sort of picture that might also remind people of the same thing as what I see. I used white paper as another props to help delivering the idea. I didn’t try to give a complete idea of what it is supposed to be but I like to see how people would respond to what they see and/or how they would interpret it themselves.














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