Epson Legacy Paper is Designed For Your Absolute Best Images


For the uninitiated, paper products may just be–well, paper products. But for those of us that love the interpersonal experience of the print that you simply can’t get behind a digital screen, you may want to take a closer look at the newly announced Epson Legacy Papers. They’re billing these as some of their top grade stuff and were even very meticulous about its construction process.

In a meeting at Photo Plus this past weekend, we learned about how Epson went about choosing a European paper mill very carefully that randomized the fibers in the construction process. The result: paper that doesn’t curl or dog ear very easily while retaining a 20mm thickness (which is very thick for paper) and a simply beautiful look worthy of any gallery in the world.

During the meeting, Epson explained that when they went about designing this paper, they talked to many professional photographers for feedback. Photographers Greg Gorman and Joseph Holmes were close to the process; and the end result is what Epson is claiming to be a paper designed for only the absolute best of your portfolio images–which means you shouldn’t waste it on anything else.

The following details are from the company:

The First Four Epson Legacy Papers

  • Legacy Platine: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with a bright OBA-free, smooth satin finish. With a unique feel of an artistic paper of centuries past, along with an outstanding color gamut, this paper is exceptional for both color and black and white printmaking.
  • Legacy Fibre: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with an exceptionally bright OBA-free, smooth matte finish. With an outstanding black density, this paper is ideal for all types of high-end printmaking.
  • Legacy Baryta: A baryta paper with a white, smooth satin finish, utilizing two barium sulfate coatings. Inspired by the F64 group, this paper takes the best of revered silver halide technology to new levels of quality.
  • Legacy Etching: 100 percent cotton fibre paper with a bright OBA-free, uniquely textured matte finish beloved by artists for centuries. This paper has the feel of traditional etching papers.

All four Legacy Papers will be available in the following sizes:

  • 8.5” x 11”         Cut Sheet
  • 13” x 19”          Cut Sheet
  • 17” x 22”          Cut Sheet
  • 17” x 50’          Roll
  • 24” x 50’          Roll
  • 44” x 50’          Roll
  • 60” x 50’          Roll (by customer order only)

Rolls will be available in November 2015 and cut sheets will be available in January 2016, through authorized Epson Professional Imaging resellers.

We’ve got no official word on pricing yet for the Epson Legacy Paper, but Epson tells us that they’re going to be more expensive than the other paper offerings. Understandably so too–since this is a paper designed for you to only pull out in a specific instance when your portfolio will really count.

To be fair, since the price will be higher, I really hope that all the sheets will be cut with perfectly straight lines to prevent skewed feed input and possible jams with something like the P600.


Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.