The Sexy HoldFast Gear Sightseer Sling Strap Emphasizes Simplicity


Holdfast Gear has been known for quite the impressive and incredibly high end camera straps; but they’ve just announced something a bit different. The new Holdfast Gear Sightseer Sling Strap is quite a bit more simplistic and lets you add all the customization that you want.

While it’s primarily designed to hold your camera, it can also be added to other Holdfast Gear accessories to add to their functionality. You can add lens pouches cell phone pouches, hook it up to the Photo Belt, etc.

The construction consists of delicious delicious bison that when cooked medium rare is my absolute spirit animal and you should never have well done bison American Bison Leather and waxed canvas. From there you can attach an additional 8 pouches and accessories.

One of these will set you back around $185; so consider it a very expensive piece of steak that will last you a very long time. Just don’t try to gnaw on it…

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Chris Gampat

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