GoPro Mounted on DSLR Shows What It’s Like to Shoot College Football

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

First hand accounts of how photographers shoot are always a great way to find out exactly what that photographer was going through when they were in the process of creating the images. That’s exactly what Reddit User ZoidbergRage did when he posted a video of him photographing a college football game that he shot. He did this by mounting a GoPro on top of his DSLR. ZoidbergRage is using a Tamron 70-300mm lens with his DSLR and by following exactly where the lens is pointing you can see just what he’s going for when he shoots. Indeed, it’s a great way to understand the mind of a football photographer. That video is after the jump.

By all means though, he’s not using professional gear and instead is giving more of an idea of how it all works. For example, consider photographer Peter Reed Miller–who has been shooting for many years now and has photographed more SuperBowls than some can count. His camera bag is filled with loads and loads of higher end gear. But gear only gets you so far.

Despite not using professional gear, /u/Zoidbergrage still proves that it isn’t about the gear and that a photographer can still capture great photographs even without the best of lenses or cameras.

Chris Gampat

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