Ilari Tuupanen’s Foggy Nights Have an Ethereal Beauty


All images by Ilari Tuupanen. Used with permission.

Photographer Ilari Tuupanen hails from Finland and has been shooting since 2009. “I took my dad’s camera and just went without knowing everything. So, yes, I’m a self-taught photographer,” he said. “I get my inspiration from nature, where I’ve spent time since I was a little boy. Finnish nature is delicate in its simplest way.” He went on to say that he loves putting vignettes in his photos–citing that he usually likes finding natural borders to his images.

Ilari says that his series, Foggy Nights, is gathered at nightly rowing and fishing trips. “In autumn the nights are bit chillier and darker, so there’s a lot of fog sometimes, and also the stars are visible and looking amazing,” he said. Because of the fact that the fog is different every night, he usually ends up photographing the same islands.

“There’s nothing special behind these pictures. Just rowed to the waterfront and pointed the camera toward a lake or a swamp. Nowadays the technology is so advanced so it’s possible to disclose many details. It’s so interesting to take photos in pitch-black and see the results from the camera.”

Ilari tries to capture both distinctiveness and artistry in his photos; and he tells us that he loves going out during the summer nights.






Chris Gampat

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