Dogscapes: a Photo Project Featuring Dogs in Beautiful Landscapes


All images by Jörg Marx. Used with permission.

Photographer Jorg Marx is a German freelance photographer based in Bavaria who mainly works on landscape and nature photography. Recently on Behance, he featured a brand new photo project called Dogscapes. The project puts dogs in all sorts of different landscapes and creates beautiful scenes for the dog lovers in all of us.

Jorg was a photojournalist for many years, but today he tells us that photography is a way of coping with the world. “An image always leaves a gap, a text always want to close it. But a photo shows you that there is more than the image shows.” said Jorg. “In my photos I try to leave space for the ‘Vanished, Lost and Hidden.'”

Outside his window, Jorg has forests and fields. He purposely chose the countryside because it got him away from street photography. “The landscape here is not spectacular. But that is precisely the challenge to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Otherwise, the Alps and the Bavarian Forest are not far away,” he said. “Every day I wander through the large woods always accompanied by my dog named Benni. I like the endless maze of identical trees and count them as frequent companions – a reassurance and familiarity.”

Dogscapes is a personal project that Jorg has been working on for many years. “I try to catch the interaction between a variety of natural landscapes and my dog. I always think of a painting by William Turner, titled ‘The Morning After Shipwreck’ – on the one hand the dog, barely visible, on the other hand, the natural power of the sea,” said Jorg. “The difference is that my dog is not lonely and lost like Turner’s dog, but happy to explore the surroundings.”

To create the images, Jorg uses a Canon 6D and a Leica M8. More of the images are below.

















Chris Gampat

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