Reports State a New Digital Leicaflex is Coming Soon

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Leica Q camera product shots (5 of 13)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

Earlier this year, Leica announced the Leica Q–which is a fixed lens camera with a full frame sensor, electronic viewfinder, and a fixed lens with autofocus. The Leica Q has incredibly fast autofocus performance, and we rather liked it.

Building on this success, Mirrorless Rumors is reporting that we’re going to be getting pretty much the same camera’s internals but with interchangeable lenses and a new body. For years, we’ve been hearing about an update to the R system, and this could indeed be it. This gets even more interesting when you consider the fact that the source states that the camera will have a similar design to a Leicaflex–which was the company’s SLR lineup of cameras. It isn’t clear whether the mount will use R lenses natively–but we doubt it since those were manual focus lenses.

No doubt, ti’s going to cost a pretty penny–more like all the pennies in your pocket. And for that price, you’ll be getting the Q’s sensor, image stabilization, weather sealing, the very good EVF and more.

If this is all indeed true, this makes Leica out to be the second company to house a full frame sensor in a mirrorless camera and to provide autofocus. Leica was the first to the ball with the M9 and all successors after that. Sony followed up with the A7 series of cameras.

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To refresh your memory, the biggest features of the Leica Q are the following:

– 24MP full frame sensor (possibly from Toshiba, but indeed not from Sony.)

– RAW DNG shooting capabilities

– 3MP Electronic Viewfinder

– 28mm f1.7 lens with macro mode. 11 elements in 9 groups, three aspherical elements

– WiFi capabilities

– Focusing as close as 6 inches

– ISO 100 to 50,000

– 1080p 60p and 30p HD video

– Leaf shutter

Given the design of the lens made for the Q, it’s a possibility that every new lens may have the ability to focus down to insanely close macro ranges. When this is done with the 3MP EVF, it’ll be a joy to use. Indeed, we really loved the colors that the Q gave us and the versatile DNG files. The High ISO performance wasn’t terrible either and at the very extreme end, images were still usable when converted to black and white.

We wonder if this new Digital Leicaflex system will incorporate a leaf shutter or if it will be a traditional shutter. We’re just going to have to wait and see.

Chris Gampat

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