Sophie Gamand Photographs #DogsInDenim

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All images by Sophie Gamand. Used with permission.

Photographer Sophie Gamand is no stranger here on the site–we featured her series Flower Power a while back. Sophie is a special photographer with a talent for photographing dogs and coming up with cool, creative ideas when working with them. So it only makes sense that LOVE Magazine wanted to hire her to work with Fashion Editor Steve Morriss for a series called #DogsInDenim.

Sophie had a quick moment to chat with us about the inspiration behind the series and how it all came together.

Phoblographer: We know that you love working with dogs, but where did the inspiration for this series come from? It’s also quite obvious that the gig came from your personal work with dogs before, but how did you even get a gig like this?

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Sophie: I was approached by LOVE Magazine to work on an editorial with them. Katie Grand, chief editor of the magazine, saw my Flower Power series on Instagram and fell in love. They decided on the theme, Dogs in Denim. Then I worked with their team and senior fashion editor, Steve Morriss, to create each portrait. They brought in a huge amount of clothes and accessories. It was my first large fashion shoot, and I was quite excited! The clothes and accessories were amazing, gorgeous pieces and very inspiring. I conducted the casting call for the dog models, under the direction of LOVE. They told me what they had in mind, and I reached out to models I was used to working with. Some of the dogs have posed for me in the past, for my upcoming Wet Dog book () or for my Flower Power series. I was especially excited to bring in two pit bull rescues, Sarai and Lola, who both posed for my Flower Power series. They are being fostered together in New York and are still up for adoption with Rebound Hounds.

Phoblographer: Where did the inspiration come from for the specific scenes? How did you get the dogs to do what you wanted them to?


Sophie: I have lots of experience working with dogs, and dogs wearing clothes or accessories, so that came in handy when it was time to dress the pups. We really worked with them like regular models, I guess. Except that sometimes they don’t want to sit or stay! But my guess is, human models can be tricky that way too! hahaha

Phoblographer: Every dog has their own personalities. Were there ones that really warmed up to the camera a bit more than others?

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Sophie: Every dog is different. Some really don’t mind doing that kind of shoots, others are more shy. Some are very food-motivated, which makes for good models because the food will always be more important to them than the hat they are wearing. Others are very subdued, so they let you do your thing. It’s important to encourage them, make them feel special and cared for. Just like regular models, I guess.

You have to be attentive to their needs and understand their limits. The personalities come from both the dogs themselves, and the outfits Steve put together for them. Just like when I work on my Flower Power series, the key is to understand the dog’s energy and charisma, and find the perfect crown, or in this case, outfit, that will bring that personality out even more. We wanted every portrait to have a different feel and personality. Each almost represents a different era. There is the Victorian Doberman, the Urban Pit Bull, the Countryside Coonhound. They are all so fun and enigmatic.

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