Should Street Photography Be in Color or Black and White?

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Street photography colloquially was done in black and white, but since the 70s, color has become more accepted. These days, either one typically works. But to figure out whether your street photography image should be in color or black and white, photographer Marius Vieth explains that it’s about the specific moment. It varies with positive and negative space, and he goes through three different scenarios and compositions.

Marius explains why you may want to keep colors or make the scene black and white and that there are always moments that can work both ways but there are also times when one is just very clear. He also says that everyone should pay attention to colors and how they affect a scene despite the images not really being traditional street photos in this sense because of the posed nature. We explain more of this here.

Marius’s video is after the jump. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Chris Gampat

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