Tumblr Creatives Make June 1st 2015 “Protect the Creators” Day

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“What would happen if we stop posting anything until Tumblr decides to protect the creators’ rights by making it impossible to erase the credits”

This eerie quote seems to have started with photographer Claudio Judkevitch, who expressed his disappointment with Tumblr and the company’s lack of wanting to protect artists from copyright infringement and theft–which is rampant all across the platform. As a result, he’s calling on creatives to band together and change their profile photo on Tumblr to the Protect the Creators image to send a message to the company. So far, it seems to have caught on and is becoming more and more viral.

Tumblr was bought by Yahoo! years ago, who also own Flickr. With protection in place on Flickr and just how well regarded the Tumblr platform is for creatives, Yahoo! hasn’t implemented any sort of creative rights for Tumblr content being put out by creatives yet such as Creative Commons, All Rights Reserved, etc. Sure, you can see this on someone’s personal page, but most folks don’t go the pages and instead simply browse the dashboard.

Something like this may not get the attention of Tumblr’s execs as much as a lawsuit will, but at least it’s an attempt to get attention from the company about the issue.

PS: We’ve recently revamped our own Tumblr a bit to be a lot better visually.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.