Leonardo Battaglini’s Fun Images Playing with a Ringlight


All images by Leonardo Battaglini. Used with permission.

Ring lights are usually very fun, but photographer Leonardo Battaglini takes it to a whole new level with the way that his models play with the lights. “I stumbled in photography a few years ago… I decided (as many people) to buy a digital SLR and I starting to taking photos. I had no sense of composition, rules, etc. and my photos were mostly ugly and insignificant.” says Leo. “…Then, suddenly, I began to observe my photos and those of others and my mind started thinking and reasoning.”

After finding an image of the way someone was playing with a ring light, he was inspired and decided to make one himself.

“I used it with some models for two or three shoot but nothing more, just to experiment…one day, after a shooting I decided to let play the model with ringlight and ‘Playing with ringlight’ is the result”

Leonardo states that he tries to bring out a person’s natural personality when he shoots and that he doesn’t like treating a model like a dummy. This is also why he chose to render the images in black and white, because it can reveal details that color can’t show.

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