The New Olympus Stylus 1S Features a 28-300mm f2.8 Zoom Lens


On the higher end of the Olympus Point and Shoot cameras, Olympus is announcing today its new Stylus 1S–which is supposed to be a slightly upgraded version of the Stylus 1. Like its predecessor, this camera is a superzoom with a constant f2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range.

So what’s new with this camera? For starters, there is a small target AF mode, step zoom which allows the lens to go immediately to 9 different preset areas, and a 1.44 million dot LCD screen. But otherwise, the camera also has a super macro mode, anti-reflective coatings on the lens elements, adaptive brightness technology, a hybrid control ring, time lapse movie mode, interval shooting mode, WiFi integration and focus peaking.

When the Olympus Stylus 1s hits the stores, you can pick one up for $699.99. More photos are after the jump.

STYLUS1s_BLK_back STYLUS1s_BLK_best_cap_close STYLUS1s_BLK_best_cap_wide STYLUS1s_BLK_fronttop_cap_wide STYLUS1s_BLK_left_off STYLUS1s_BLK_left_tele STYLUS1s_BLK_tilt_image STYLUS1s_BLK_top_tele

Chris Gampat

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