DigitalRev Compares: Nikon D5500 vs Pentax K-S2

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.35.13 AM

The folks over at DigitalRev put together a video comparing the Nikon D5500 and the Pentax K-S2 DSLRs. Kai really loves the disco lights of the K-S2 and wastes no time splashing lots of water on the camera to show that it’s got weather sealing. It really seems like the Pentax does a great job for its target market though Kai fully admits that it seems like their audience doesn’t care much for Pentax products.

Why? We’re not sure–they’re actually pretty good. Both cameras have WiFi, APS-C sensors, and have fast shooting capabilities. But the Pentax has shake reduction while the Nikon has a touch screen. But where it really gets interesting is with the metering on both cameras.

The Nikon D5500 vs Pentax K-S2 camera comparison is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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