Peter Hurley on Why Good Headshots Need to Have SHABANG!

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Peter Hurley needs no introduction as a headshot and portrait photographer; and it’s always interesting to listen to his stories. For example, why does he say SHABANG during portrait sessions? Peter talks about it in the video after the jump and explains that it’s in reaction to a feeling that you get when you capture the perfect headshot from someone.

On a deeper level, he talks about not settling for mediocre images and instead getting the ones that elicit an emotion out of someone and creating images that move people. That’s what we should aspire to create.

“My inner artist wants to look at my screen and see a killer picture.” says Hurley.

#BehindtheGlass | Peter Hurley: Why Killer Headshots Gotta Have SHABANG! from a.a. productions on Vimeo.

Chris Gampat

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