Mikela Borgia’s Creative Portraits Reflect Her Inner Emotions

Soul wind

All images by Mikela Borgia. Used with permission

Mikela Borgia is a photographer that is primarily motivated by her feelings and translating those feelings into images. She started shooting at a very young ago and learned to use Photoshop–which is evident on her Behance page. Mikela is a photographer that uses natural light to get the scenes that she does then combines them with the vision that she had in her head that she creates in Photoshop.

More than anything though, Mikela is proof that creative vision outdoes the gear you own. We talked to her about it.

Phoblographer: Tell us about your background as a photographer and how you got started.

Expanding Universes

Mikela: I started with photography in adolescence, around 14/15 years.

I used to play with my classmates from school to portray, to make the first tweaks and assemblies with photoshop. I took photos of everything I went ahead. At 18 I had my first reflex camera, and soon started to study. I studied in the Argentine Center Photographic, then Andy Goldstein School, and in the Art Direction Brother school. I made many courses and seminars and I am constantly learning new techniques and experimenting with materials.

Phoblographer: Where does your inspiration come from for the portraits that you do?

Aquatic Universe

Mikela: My inspiration comes from everywhere, but above all the sensations that my body feels. I am very interested in nature, in the human being, consciousness, energy and the universe.

Phoblographer: What attracts you to shooting portraits?


Mikela: I always liked portraits–whether of people, places or situations. I like people; I think I can establish a special bond with them when photographed. I managed to generate a comfortable and conducive environment for the soul let them see each other at just the right moment and there Click! Photography is a mystery within a mystery. I love the idea of being able to immortalize a moment, a look …

Phoblographer: Tell us about the gear that you use.

Mikela: I use a Nikon Reflex camera (not full frame) and always fixed and bright optics.

I work a lot with natural light; I like the reflections in the morning, natural light and own each site, the shadows, the shadows, the different temperatures.

Floating in the space

Phoblographer: Many photographers often feel like they’re sometimes influenced by their emotions when shooting surreal images like these. Do you feel that emotions affect your art? How so?

Mikela: Yes, I think I live influenced by emotions–constantly navigating in a sea of emotions. They take me to the dream world of sensations, where I can build the world that I perceive through my mind. Emotions influence my work as better, to do more deep and sensitive. Those things gives the magic…

Phoblographer: How do you go explaining the concept of the images to your models? Do you story board your images?

In Out

Mikela: Usually I start with a concept or trigger. In this case was “Expanding Universe”, and through reference images of certain postures or feelings I want to express, I show the model and tell him what I want to convey. I am very interested that the model accurately connect with that feeling, it is a time of introspection and be genuine. Born from the depths of our being.

Phoblographer: How much of the work is done in camera and how much is done in photoshop?

the energy of the future

Mikela: My works are 50% and 50%.

I realize everything I can from the staging, address, armed, the costumes, the lighting, the position, etc. This greatly simplifies the work at the time of editing.

Then in post-production, I do adjustments of light, I emphasize what I’ve done since taking and I add special effects or flashes for more so I approached the original idea I had.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.