Watch the Sony A7 Mk II Stabilized Sensor Jiggle in Place


The biggest headlining feature of the Sony A7 Mk II is a new image stabilizing sensor, which will allow the camera to take what Sony likes to call a SteadyShot. Recently a YouTube user by the name of Sean Ellwood uploaded a new video of the stabilized sensor in action and it seems like the imaging chip has quite a bit of travel inside the camera body.

Of course, the A7 Mk II is also ever so slightly thicker than the original version to accommodate this moving sensor. It’s nowhere near as big as a DSLR, but there have to be some sacrifices to make room for this new tech and not to mention the bigger grip Sony decided to go with.

Sony SteadyShot’s biggest benefit is you’ll be able to use any lens (including third party glass of course) and still get image stabilization just like with the Olympus OMD-line of cameras. But thing the feature is a straight port of OMD’s technology, recently Sony clarified the sensor is entirely of the company’s own design.

We can only hope that moving image stabilization to the camera will also mean smaller and more affordable lenses in the future— two issues which have been a sticking point of Sony E- and FE-mount lenses so far.

The Sony A7 Mk II also has a host of other improvements including faster AF, enhanced weather sealing, and a newly added XAVC S video codec along with the S-Log2 gamma curve for videographers. Although Sony has announced its latest full frame camera will come to the US in January, exact pricing remains to be unknown.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.