Rare Nikon 6mm f2.8 Fisheye on eBay Right Now

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One of our readers sent us a tip to let us know that the very rare Nikon 6mm f2.8 fisheye lens is available right now on eBay. The lens, which is literally able to see behind itself, is incredibly wide and is very rare because it is so specialized. The bidding is starting out at 49,990 Euro, and the lens overall seems to be in very good condition.

Earlier this year, another one of these lenses went on eBay too. As we state in our previous article:

Supposedly the lens was originally developed for special scientific and industrial use according to the seller’s description. This “special wider-than-180-degreee picture coverage [was] required for surveillance work, photographing the interiors of pipes, boilers, conduits, cylinder bores, and other constricted areas.”

Even cooler though is the fact that the owner shot a video with the Nikon D4s and the lens attached to show you what images from it look like.

More of the images and the video are after the jump, but head on over to eBay to see the lens for yourself.

– Thanks for the tip Kristoffer!








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