Modern Children React to Old Film Point and Shoot Camera

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Remember when you were growing up and you or your parents played with film point and shoot cameras? It was like magic! But many of the world’s children really don’t know very much about film. CNet recently shared a video featuring modern children reacting to an old point and shoot camera. Lots of them try to take selfies, and others are disappointed that they can’t see the photo immediately. But it’s even funnier when you see them trying to load film into it and reacting to what film looks like in the first place.

Even better–when the video’s hosts talk about how you had to wait an entire hour to see their images, the kids’ reactions are hysterical.

What it says about our society today is that we’re all about immediacy and that we’re very impatient people.

Check out the video after the jump.

Via CNet

Chris Gampat

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